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Speech Therapy

Articulation & Phonological Disorders • Receptive & Expressive Language Disorders
Late Talkers • Developmental Delays • Complex Communication Needs • Autism  


Before speech therapy sessions begin, we will gather some information about your child's overall development, communication skills, personal interests, and support needs. Our evaluation process typically includes the following:

  • Parent interview

  • Review of any prior testing

  • Formal speech and language assessment

  • Natural observations

  • Interactive play activities

After the evaluation is complete, we will share the results and discuss our recommendations. Since you know your child best, we will work together to develop meaningful therapy goals that will make a positive difference in their life! 

Our Approach to Therapy

The Power of Speech celebrates every child's unique personality and interests! Our therapy sessions get kids regulated and engaged in the learning process, using activities such as:

  • Obstacle courses and treasure hunts

  • Sensory activities and swinging

  • Books, iPad games, and board games

  • Trains, doll houses, trucks, and toys

As parents, your involvement is extremely important for your child's success in speech and language therapy! We always invite you into therapy and share home practice ideas at the end of each session. Our recommendations for home practice are fun and easy to embed into your family's everyday routines.


Speech Therapy

We take time to understand your child's unique speech profile to identify the sounds and patterns that they need support with. We always include an element of play to make learning fun - so your child will want to come back for weekly speech therapy practice! The Power of Speech will help your child:

  • Accurately make speech sounds

  • Communicate more clearly

  • Feel better understood by others

  • Gain confidence and self-advocacy skills

Depending on your child's age, interests, and goals, speech therapy sessions may include practicing "go" while swinging on a sensory swing, competing in a game of Connect 4 while practicing specific words, or using speech sounds in natural conversation.

Child working on communicating more clearly and making speech sounds more accurately during speech therapy
Child with a language delay working on improving communication during speech therapy

Receptive & Expressive Language

Language therapy helps children understand what they hear and express themselves clearly. Whether your child has yet to begin babbling or they struggle to follow directions and use age-appropriate sentences, our language therapy sessions can guide them to: 

  • Use gestures, sign language, pictures, and words to communicate

  • Understand and use relevant vocabulary for mealtimes, getting dressed, playing with a sibling, and other daily life activities

  • Follow directions and comprehend what they hear

  • Combine words into longer, complex sentences

  • Advocate for themselves and gain independence

  • Confidently interact with others to express themselves in a variety of settings

The Power of Speech supports language development in children of all ages and learning styles. With advanced training in both Analytic Language Processing and Gestalt Language Processing, we are passionate about building communication skills during play and natural learning opportunities!


Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

Every mode of communication is respected and celebrated at The Power of Speech, including gestures, sign language, vocal speech, and visuals! Our goal is to help your child find the method that works best for them to say everything they want to say. AAC therapy will help your child: 

  • Express themselves in personal, social, academic, and safety situations

  • Independently communicate and self-advocate

  • Actively and effectively participate in daily interactions, decisions, conversations, and learning opportunities

Your child may be a good candidate for AAC therapy if they are nonspeaking or if they have limited expressive language skills, inconsistent ability to use verbal speech, or difficulty being understood. 

Child who is hard of hearing using an app on a tablet for communication during AAC therapy
Parent Coaching
Parents who have learned to support their child's communication development through parent coaching sessions

Parent Coaching

The Power of Speech provides parent coaching services to give you the tools and strategies you need to be your child's most influential teacher! We design sessions to be relevant to your family, supportive of your goals, and full of practical steps that you can take to achieve those goals. Our parent coaching sessions will support you in:

  • Becoming the parent you want to be for your child

  • Confidently supporting your child's communication development while reducing power struggles and behavior challenges

  • Building a positive relationship with your child through genuine connection and successful communication

  • Fostering your child's independence and confidence

During parent coaching sessions, you can ask questions relating to your child's speech and language development, learn suggestions for home practice, gain strategies to support language growth, discuss ideas for supporting your child at school, and more!

We are accepting new clients!

The Power of Speech provides neurodiversity-affirming speech and language services to children throughout the North Shore area of MA.
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